TAKE the NITE is a Chicago based mobile bartending service. We redefine and customize your event experience. Your event mixologist is recognized as a licensed bartender in the state of Illinois and is B.A.S.S.E.T. Certified in alcohol awareness. We are an efficient and stress free asset to your party which allows you to enjoy your event and guests without the hassle of monitoring and catering to your guests' needs. 

WE REDEFINE: Most private gatherings include guests self-serving themselves in your kitchen requiring you to monitor consumption and be constantly aware of what ingredients are running low. TAKE the NITE removes this hassle by having the bartender as the sole distributor of drinks. This not only allows your guests to be serviced by a friendly and knowledgeable mixologist, but also provides regulation of alcohol consumption.



WE CUSTOMIZE: During our consultation, we will discuss your vision for your party. We will curate a personalized menu based on your preferences and develop a list of ingredients and supplies needed to make your specialty drinks. From there, we will order, pick up, and deliver everything for the event. We also offer add-on packages which allows usage of our stock of liquers and specialty mixes. This means that you can offer a wider variety of drinks that include pricey mixes that you wouldn’t normally supply as a host. If one of our packages does not fit what you are looking for, we will alter it to accommodate your event/holiday party theme. We will arrive early for setup and stay after the party to clean the bar area.




Exotic Temptations- Tropical Drinks

Sweet and Sour- Sours, Teas, and Lemonades

Sex in Chi City- Martinis and Manhattans

Crème de la Crème- Cream Drinks

Fill Me Up- Highballs

'Tēzәrs- Infused Gelatin Cocktails